Touchless Automatic Bathroom Sensor Faucet 21166

Model No. 21166 – Touchless Automatic Bathroom Sensor Faucet.

Sanliv Sensor Activated, Electronic, Pedestal Hand Washing Faucet for Tempered Water Operation with hot & cold Flexible Hoses and Strainer. Battery Powered.
All-in-one piece, including sensor, solenoid, circuitry and battery inside faucet body.
A control lever on the side of the one-piece faucet for tempered or hot/cold water supply lines allows restroom visitors to set the faucet to the desired temperature.
Water Supply Connection with hot & cold Flexible High-pressure Hoses and Strainer.
Using Four (4) AA-size Alkaline Batteries.
Includes appropriate Mounting Hardware.

Touchless Automatic Tap Installation Kit