Corner Shower Foot Rest Chrome 5882

Brass Corner Shower Shaving Foot Rest Bar Chrome
Chrome plated brass corner foot rest bar for shower, Model No. 5882.
Chrome foot rest, designed to give extra support when washing your feet.
A trendy shower foot rest for your high quality master bathroom. Available in chrome and made in brass, this high-end shower foot rest is part of the Sanliv Standard Hotel Collection collection. Sanliv round wall mounted shower foot rest is suitable for contemporary style bathrooms.

Brass Shower Shaving Foot Rest Shelf Chrome

Bathroom Shower Shaving Foot Rest Ledge Chrome
Model No. 5881 – Brass Shower Shaving Foot Rest & shower sponge holder.
SANLIV CHROME FOOTREST FOR SHOWER is best in a contemporary master bathroom. A heavy duty wall mounted Brass foot rest can be positioned at any height to provide a wide ledge to rest your foot for balance and support in bath or shower.
Concealed Fixings: Supplied with stainless steel screws and wall plugs.
Heavy Duty Brass Shower Shaving Foot Rest Shelf Chrome