Sanliv Culture

1. Team

  • Team is a united group that should have a common target,mutual cooperation,strick management.
  • Team is an effcient group of various people where every member sticking together to creat collective advanfaucetses for a common and far-sighted goal in order to give out a kind of amazing organization power.
  • Team should become a tough and tactic group by rigorous manage.

2. Honesty and Credit

  • Honesty and credit is the most elementary point to exert the team’s effective power.
  • Honesty and credit is keeping a promise.Truthful in speech and resolute in action.It requires that memebers should meet the purpose established by the team,and have the promise and confidentce from deep heart.
  • Honesty and credit is that you are believable and reliable when you’re handling affairs.Take every body as more honest as you can,and not to be made any doubt by others.

3. Education on creativity

  • Creativity predicts breakthrough,to break through the present situation and never be satisfied.
  • Creativity is the improvement and reformation in all respects,including concepting, consciousness, equipment, material, production and so on.
  • Creativity is the contitunal power of the company’s management and the guarantee of the company’s survival and development in fierce competition.

4. Operation strategy

  • On the top:We are always on the way to develop the capability of our manufacturings to surpass our opponents,exceed ourselves by the technic of our products and continual innovation on design,which doesn’t only make us to be the guide of this special field,but also maintains us in a young and modern state of mind.
  • Quality:According to the experience of using our production and service,Sanitary Utensils of Sanliv enables the customer to realize our promise on quality.What will upgrade your taste of life makes it become the symbolization of your high-standard life.
  • Connecting people:Sanliv who regards people as its centre and measure of value always keeps an eye on cumtomers’ life .Starting with the espects of fashion, quality, entertainment, conventience and so forth, it meets the physical and psycological, substantial and mental needs of consumers’. To build a comfortable and elegant living surroundings enable people to experience the great interest and hot feeling when using it, which embodies your living taste.